Meal Planning Monday

Blimey how fast did last week go?! Can’t believe it’s Monday again already and I’m late for another Meal Planning Monday….oops. Well I stuck to last weeks plan; this is definitely working for me as it ensures I don’t buy too much and I eat properly all week.

I found out today that I am likely to be lodging for at least 6 months! So, I need to get some baking equipment here, can’t go 6 months without any proper baking!!

So this weeks meal and baking plan:

  • Monday: Homemade chicken kiev with mashed potatoes and peas
  • Tuesday: Sweet chilli with salad and taco’s
  • Wednesday: Tortellini with a tomato and roast pepper sauce
  • Thursday: Pasta bolognase.
  • Friday: Jacket potato with baked beans and cheese
  • Saturday: Salmon, prawn and haddock fish pie with broccoli, carrots and peas.
  • Sunday: Chicken chasseur and crusty bread

I will also make sausage rolls and lemon and poppy seed muffins, I will blog the recipes for these at the weekend.

Does anyone have any suggestions of easy things to bake that don’t require lots of utensils, but that last well as a sweet snack for a weeks worth of packed lunches?


Meal Planning Monday

Well not quite Monday I know, didn’t have a chance to sit down yesterday and plan, but hey better late than never!

  • Monday: Pasta bolognase
  • Tuesday: Lamb stew
  • Wednesday: Sausage casserole
  • Thursday: Tuna, creme fraiche and peas with pasta

I am away from Friday to Monday this week so won’t need to plan any meal as i’ll probably eat out a lot.

Do you have any quick dinner suggestions for me for next week?

Meal Planning Monday

I found out about Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday’s through Nellys’ blog in January and have finally decided to give it a go as I have a new job and a very tight budget. Also as I am currently only cooking for one I really don’t want to slip into unhealthy food habits, like ready made pasta sauces and take-away’s. But, equally I don’t want to plan to make lovely exotic dishes because I know this is unrealistic as I am starting a new job and so likely to come home and be pretty tired each night.

I hope that doing this will prevent me getting into the habit of buying things randomly every week with no plan on what to make with them and then lots of fresh things going to waste.

Tuesday: Sausage casserole with boiled potatoes and vegetables

Wednesday: Tuna and peas with crème fraîche sauce and pasta

Thursday: Sweet chilli with rice

Friday: Pasta bolognase

Saturday: Chicken kiev with mash and green beans in white sauce

Sunday: Pork chop, roast potatoes, vegetables and stuffing.

This week I aim to also bake some kind of oat bar/biscuits. Do you have any oat based recipes that you would recommend?