Jam and Buttercream Whoopie Pies

For Christmas I was bought a Sweet Treats Whoopie Pie Maker and for some reason have only just got round to using it. I have never even eaten a whoopie pie before let alone making one, so, I can’t really say if these taste as a whoopie pie should, as I have no idea. However, what I do know is that they are delicious and everyone that has tried them agrees! The machine is great, they were cooked in less than 7 minutes, and the non stick worked perfectly so it was very easy to clean.

The recipe I used came with the machine for a vanilla whoopie pie, they came out great but the quantities were a bit off. The recipe stated it made 14 but it actually made 24.

I have made them a couple of times now the first time I used their buttercream recipe, but found this far too sweet and instead I used 140g butter and 200g of icing sugar, this made enough for about 20-22 whoopie pies. This was just whisked using an electric hand whisk until it looked creamy. The pies were then put together by spooning jam on one half and buttercream on the other and sandwiching them together.

I also received a recipe book dedicated to whoopie pies for Christmas and so am planning on trying lots of different flavours, the next is likely to be carrot cake pies with a sweet cream cheese filling.


Banana and caramel cheesecake

Well my plan to eat healthily didn’t last for very long…especially after I noticed I had some over ripe bananas and lots of cream cheese that needed using up. I scoured the internet for recipes and didn’t find anything I fancied, until I remembered a dessert I used to eat out at an Italian restaurant that was a vanilla cheesecake with a layer of banana and caramel in the bottom. Well, I couldn’t find a recipe for anything like this on-line, so took some rough quantities from this recipe and decided to adapt it to how I remembered the dessert but with a banana cheesecake on the top as well instead of vanilla.

It was delicious with a lovely strong taste of banana! At first I thought the bowls I had used were slightly too big, but they were emptied by everyone in one sitting. The cheesecake was firm yet nice and light, and two layers of caramel did not overpower the banana in the cheesecake at all.


  • 90g Digestive biscuits (crumbled)
  • 40g Butter (melted)

Caramel layer:

  • 180g Caramel (I used half a tin of carnation caramel)
  • 1 Banana (sliced)

Cheese cake topping:

  • 90g Banana (mashed)
  • 150g Full fat cream cheese
  • 100ml Double cream
  • 40g Caster sugar

Makes enough to fill 3 200ml bowls

  1. Mix together the crumbled biscuits and melted butter and firmly press into the dishes. This should then be chilled for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Spoon a layer of caramel on to the biscuit base and top with a layer of sliced banana, the banana can then be topped with more caramel (if you love caramel as much as the people I made this for do). This can be chilled further while you make the cheesecake topping.
  3. Combine all of the cheesecake ingredients and mix using an electric whisk until it looks smooth and glossy, then test the mixture to check the taste, it may need slightly more cream cheese or sugar depending on how you prefer it.
  4. The topping then needs spreading evenly over the banana/caramel. This needs chilling for at least 4 hours, although I always leave mine in the fridge for at least 24hours.